sexta-feira, 7 de junho de 2013

Discurso - Maria Krane

"Barely a week ago, you arrived.
Barely a week, you have been in Omaha, the heart of the Heartland.

168 hours.
Discounting 42 hrs. you hopefully slept and 26 you spent eating, the balance is 100 hours.

In 100 hours, you did what some people do not in 10 years.

You spent:

11 hours in the classroom, brushing up on your English;
hours hearing lectures from Creighton’s faculty members;
hour attending Mass
hours delving into the agricultural past of the Midwest
1.5 hours touring North Omaha
hours visiting museums
hours touring the Old Market
2.5 hours bowling, laser tagging, go karting
2.5 hours visiting Creighton’s academic departments
hours shopping
1.5 hours exploring solar energy, recycling initiatives
2.5 hours seeing the Wizard of Oz
hours visiting Omaha’s companies or institutions
hours watching a baseball game
hours observing how a disaster is handled
and 2 hours visiting the zoo.

And I cannot even count the time you devoted to reflection, alone or as a group or as bloggers.

The rest of the time you spent going from one place to another.


I don’t know how familiar you are with Saint Exupery, but I think the quotation by the “Little Prince”--no matter how old it is, continues to be so relevant. 

“It is the time you have spent for your rose that makes your rose so important.” 

The 100 hours or more we spent with you made you very important to us. 

You will always have a home away from home at Creighton.  You will always remember that it was here that you
visited the past, discovered the present and explored the future—here in the Heartland and in yourselves."

Maria Krane

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  1. What a beautiful speech! 100 hours of activity, uhauhau!
    As said Maria Krane, after this experience, you'll always remember that you visited the past, discovered the present and explored the future Heartland and in themselves.
    Now you already have a home in Creighton, an extension of CSL ...
    Don't forget: "It is the time you have spent for your que rose makes your rose so importante".